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They*re Break-Dance Fighting

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*This a community for All zoolander fans.
Please note that any rude comments and/or posts will Not be tolerated.*
In Addition lets try in keep cussing down to a minimum 8)
Some Other things related to Zoolander that you can post:
*Friends Only Banners
And things of that sort.
Also to make sure you have read this Please type in under subject to all your entries Earth To..
dont rem who says this:Oh i cant stand Hansel
Rufus:(while doing excercise) Yeah i know like the way he does his hair.
Meekus:Or like the way he doesnt, its like eh squeeze me (pushes down on squeezer thingy) have you ever heard of styling gel (chukle).
Brint: (puts down both cell phones) I'm sure he's heard of styling gel. He is a male model.
Meekus: Uh earth to brint i was making a joke
Brint: uh earth to meekus i knew that.
Meekus: earth to brint im not so sure about that because you were all like he's a male model of course he's heard of styling gel LIKE YOU DIDNT KNOW IT WAS A JOKE hahahahaha (pointing around)
Brint: I knew it was a joke meekus i just didnt get it right away
Derek: ok stop it guys dont you ever think that maybe there is more to life than being really really really ridiculously good looking (does face)like helping people.

brint, derek, derelicte, hansel, male models, maurey, maurey ballstien, meekus, mugatu, orange moca frauppacinno, rufus, spoons, todd, zoolander