Charis (pinkbeene) wrote in z0olander,

hello there. i'm charis and i heart zoolander. my ex used to have the orange mocha frappachinos bit as his ringtone and me and my flatmate often converse as derek and hansel (he's so hot right now). what i would really like is a dj to spin for me whenever i turn up to a funeral lol.

anyhoo fave quotes:

"you think you're too cool for school but let me tell you something walter arent"

"thanks winona, i've gotta go pee but when i get back i'd like to continue talking about this conversation"

dereck: "what is this? a centre for ants?!?!? how are they supposed to learn if they cant even fit in the needs to be a lewast... 3 times as big. no i dont want to hear your excuses"

mugatu: "he's absolutly right"

"dereck what do we do when we fall off the horse? we get back on it!!"
"i'm sorry maurie i'm not a gymnast"

hansel: "can i call you matil?"

feel free to add me by the way :)i'm 21 from wales uk. i'm an artist/singer and i work in finance
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